Antik TV 6 MONTHS Subscription+ IPTV Box

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Product Overview

● Live broadcast of over 120 Slovak and Czech TV stations
● 20-day TV archive
● 14-day TV program overview
● Up to 7 devices for one price

The latest version of the popular SmartTVBox with unprecedented picture quality up to UHD / 4K and HDR (High Dynamic Range) support. It allows you to watch digital TV with a rich offer of TV channels over an Internet connection. In addition to television, it offers smart features such as TV archive, recording, EPG, YouTube, USB Media player, and more. Antik SmartTVbox Nano lets you watch TV without an antenna or PC. Only internet with a steady average rate of 2mbps from any provider is enough and you watch TV as you have been used to, for example, for satellite or cable reception.

The free admission package includes basic Slovak programs. Other programs can be obtained by buying paid bundles, including HD programs. The unique feature of the TV Plugin is to add custom video sources and TV channels like cameras or internet streams to your playlist.

Package includes:
SmartTVBox Nano,
power supply,
remote control,
IR2 sensor,
batteries to DO,
HDMI cable.
You can also connect the box wirelessly via the network cable. Warning. The service provider does not guarantee steady reception of TV broadcasts in the case of a lack of fast and stable internet connection. For standard definition (SD) programs, Internet speeds are typically 2mbps in average, and an average speed of 5mbps is required to watch high definition (HD) programs. 

Inputs / Outputs
HDMI 2.0a
TOSLINK digital audio interface
USB 2.0
USB 3.0
RJ45 (Ethernet 10 / 100BaseTX)
3.5 mm jack suitable for SCART or RCA adapter
Integrated wifi 802.11n
Integrated SmartHome GW, 868MHz
Input for the external infrared receiver of the remote control

Basic parameters
Unbeatable CPU performance (15000DMIPS)
4-core Cortex A53 processor
Graphic accelerator Mali-450
Faster DDR performance with DDR4 support
Up to 4kp60 (UHD) 10-bit HEVC / H.265, 10-bit VP-9
Encoding up to 1080p30 (FullHD) H.264, HEVC
HDR Support - HDR10 and HLG
Low power consumption in standby mode

Other features
4K / UHD (2160p, 60 frames per second) video support and crystal clear digital audio
Interactive TV - Multicast and OTTTV, Electronic Program Guide, VOD, Mosaic, TV Plugin
Network PVR support
Segment streaming and caching for OTT delivery even at low network speed
Internal Wi-Fi client
Internal 868MHz SmartHome gateway with Z-Wave protocol support

The CPU has memory
CPU Hi3798MV200 Quad Core 64bit ARM Cortex A53, up to 2GHz, 15000 DMIPS
GPU Multi-core GPU Mali-450 with Open GL ES2.0 / 1.1, Open VG1.1
Flash 512 MB



(No reviews yet) Write a Review